Coruba Dark Rum

Coruba Dark Rum is a rich, dark brown rum produced by Wray & Nephew. It is a blend of column still and pot based rums. Its full bodied flavor, molasses funk, and aromas are made for mixing. It’s best served over ice for the full experience. Unlike other booze, this rum is not too sweet or overwhelmingly smooth. It’s a perfect choice for cocktails.

The history of Coruba rum goes back to 1825, when Rudolf Waeckerlin visited Jamaica to sell insecticide. He fell in love with the local rum and decided to start the Rum Coruba company. This bourbon is not only aged in oak barrels, it’s also caramelized and slightly funky. In addition, it can be mixed with other spirits to create unique cocktails.

As its name suggests it is heavily colored. It’s a typical Jamaican dark rum, which is used in cocktails and planters’ punch. It’s also 40% ABV, making it ideal for mixing and cooking. While it doesn’t have the strength or complexity of other rums, it’s the perfect choice for making drinks with a lot of flavors.

Coruba Dark rum is a staple of Caribbean mixology. While it’s inexpensive and assertive, it also has a funky quality that can stand up to citrus notes and tiki liqueurs. Original Coruba Dark Rum is is a blend of column and pot still rum aged at least two years in American oak barrels. While it’s produced in Jamaica, it doesn’t get distributed throughout the island. The company was recently purchased by Gruppo Campari for $409 million.

Aging in Heavily Charred American Oak Barrels

Coruba rum captures the essence of Jamaican rum, an imported dark rum from Kingston, Jamaica. This rum has smooth mellow mouthfeel because of heavily charred oak barrels used. Tasting note includes hints of caramel, molasses, and cocoa. It’s a great ingredient for a traditional ‘rum and coke’ drink. Its distinctive flavor makes it an excellent choice for a cocktail with ginger beer, or as a mixer with a cocktail containing ginger.

It is a two-year-old rum from the island of Jamaica. Its caramel, treacle, and menthol aromas make it an ideal mixer for a variety of tropical drinks. Its smooth, caramel-like flavor is a welcome addition to the cocktail world. When mixed with ginger beer, this rum makes a deliciously flavored, mellow, and smooth cocktail.

It is a popular rum in Canada. It is called Coruba Imported Jamaican Tawny rum, which is the best-selling rum in Canada. Compared to other brands, this Tawny rum is smooth and mellow. It has a dark colour, but is not overpowering. It’s not as strong as many other rums.

Different Types of Coruba Rum

A person can’t be a rum expert without exploring the different types of Coruba. It’s not just about drinking it and knowing what you like, it’s about understanding the product and appreciating the nuances that make each type so special. Let’s explore major releases.

Coruba Original Dark Rum

Coruba’s dark rums are made with 100% natural and Jamaican ingredients. These original Corubas, inspired by Planter style drinks for which Jamaica is known to produce the best in Africa alongside molasses-based liqueurs like sour patch kids or honey syrup used on plain doughnuts instead of sugar – all come together through a blend that has been aged at least two years before bottling!

This dark Jamaican rum is perfect for a rum and ginger beer. It has an almost impenetrable, caramel color when it’s in the bottle and its sweet molasses smell will make you want to put your nose right up.

This classic style tastes similar enough but better than Appleton’s because unlike some other rums I’ve tried from places like Jamaica where everything just seems very generic; here at home we know exactly what’s coming our way: autumn leaves blown by winter winds around old oak trees on Halloween night.

Coruba 18-year Aged Rum

This premium aged rum has been aged for 18 years in oak barrels and has been carefully blended by the cellar master. It tastes complex, refined with hints of vanilla ice cream!

The taste is complex and original, with a profile based on very ripe fruit but also containing notes of encaustic wood and more caramelized flavors. After aeration it becomes clearer to notice all the different aromatic ingredients included in this amazing drink – besides ultra-ripe fruits, olives could be sensed.

Coruba 12-year Aged Rum

Imagine yourself sitting by the fire on a cold winter night, smoking great cigar, sipping this delicious rum and letting it melt into your taste buds. The gentle smoke brings warmth to every part of you body as if by magic!

The nose on the Jamaican rum is all about caramel and vanilla–the sweet, yet not too rich notes of this delicious liquor that ooze out in almost every sip.

The floral flavors give way to a very subtle trace of bitter almond but you’ll only notice these subtleties during aeration where citrus fruits spring up for just long enough before fading away again once sipped upon toothsomely chewy mouth feel takes over completely .

That being said it’s easygoing finish won’t disappoint anyone looking for something familiar: slowly growing dryness at first followed by dark chocolatey decadence!

What Do You Mix With Dark Rum?

Coruba Dark Rum mix well with ginger beer sweet spicey taste. As alternative, dark rum mix well with a bit of coke and a squeze of lime.

It is an excellent choice for cocktails and classic Tiki libations. It’s also great for a variety of Tiki drinks, including the original and spiced Coruba. The high-quality molasses used to produce this rum makes it a superior option for cocktail lovers.

Its taste is distinctly different from traditional Jamaican rum, but it has the same quality as its American counterpart. This dark rum is 100-proof, and it is available in 12 year old and 25-year expressions. This rum is excellent for Tiki cocktails. In addition to being versatile, it is also perfect for mixed drinks. It’s best for those with a taste for a darker rum.

Despite its name, Jamaican rum is not known for its color. Its deep mahogany color in the glass is a sign that it’s made with passion and has a rich flavor. It is an ideal rum for a tropical-themed cocktail. Moreover, it is a great choice for mixed drinks. Its caramel and chocolate flavors make it the perfect choice for the classic Planter’s Punch.

Coruba Dark Rum is Ideal Choice for Planter’s Punch

A planter’s punch is a fruity drink with liquor in it. You can use your favorite fruit instead of what you put in it. It is called planter’s punch because people usually drank this kind of drink when they were planting things in the ground, like when they are making a garden.

The aromas of a good rum should be sweet and aromatic. The molasses and caramel flavours will give your mouth a bittersweet taste. There is a hint of toffee. It should be a combination of sweet and salty notes. The molasses will give the rum a bittersweet punch. Its orange peel and brown sugar will add a complex flavor to your drink. You can also taste menthol and vanilla.