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Neptune Rum

It all started with a dream. Waking up after a dark and thundery storm, the sun breaking through thick, grey storm clouds. A silhouette of Neptune, a visually imposing, powerful and courageous God – the ultimate guardian of the ocean. Beside you, washed up between the sand and rocks, lies a bottle of Neptune Rum – the resurrection of an exceptional aged Rum.

Raise a glass of Neptune Rum and pay homage to the God of the oceans. Unleash your inner spirit of adventure with our exceptional Golden Rum. We are for the bold, fearless and conscious. We celebrate and respect the ocean. We are passionate about Rum. We celebrate its versatility and heritage. We are Neptune, a brand with a responsibility to protect the oceans and shores from modern day harm and pollution – join us on the adventure.

Neptune rum is the world’s most awarded rum and recent winner of the Best British Rum Brand 2018.

The Rum

Neptune Rum is distilled and aged at a family-owned Rum Distillery set within a former 17th century sugar-cane plantation at the southern end of the island of Barbados where the climate produces exceptional Rum.

A beautifully golden, smooth pot and column stilled Rum, lovingly aged in American bourbon oak casks. A blend of, up to eight year old Rum from a family owned distillery on the southern slopes of Barbados that produces a consistent and sophisticated taste profile. Smooth, rich and rested, combining a mellow, long-lived taste, with nuances of juicy ripe orange, apricot and banana with soft hints of chocolate, honey and vanilla.

The World’s most awarded Rum with over 45 prestigious global awards to date – and the Neptune adventure has only just begun… Some highlights include winning Best British Rum Brand, Best Barbados Rum, and Gold at the San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

Neptune Rum

  • Smoothness
  • Flavour Impact
  • Sweetness

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