Best Rum Mixers Besides Coke: Our Top Picks

Rum and coke, otherwise known as a Cubra Libre, is an excellent drink. However, there are far more ways to enjoy our favourite spirit, particularly if you’re looking to drink something less sweet or lower in calories. So if you’re looking for more rum mixer ideas, read on to find The Rum Guys recommendations of the best rum mixers besides coke.


Ginger Beer


Ginger beer is one of the finest mixers to drink alongside your rum. The natural spicy flavouring of the ginger perfectly offsets the rums sweetness, creating a drink that can be sipped all night. Add in a wedge of lime and you have yourself a cocktail known as a Dark ‘n’ Stormy, if you use dark rum that is. Looking for a rum that perfectly compliments ginger beer? Try Gosling’s Black Seal or Blackwell Black Gold Fine Jamaican Rum.

Best Rum Mixers Besides Coke


Coconut Water


If you’re looking for a low-calorie rum mixer, look no further than coconut water. Don’t get us wrong, drinking coconut water and rum isn’t going to make you lose weight (unfortunately!), but it’s much healthier than mixing with coke. Not only is it good for the calorie conscious, but it’s also widely regarded as the best mixer when it comes to complimenting all of the different variations of rum. This particular rum mixer is perfect for drinking on a summers evening. When it comes to choosing different rum mixers besides coke, this one is certainly up there as one of our favourites. Looking for a rum that perfectly compliments coconut water? Try The Duppy Share or Havana Club Seleccion de Maestros.


Coconut Water & Rum


Pineapple Juice


Pineapple juice is a great mixer if you’re looking for something a bit fruitier. The opportunities are endless with this one, you can keep it simple and just mix with your favourite rum or try your hand at a few cocktails. Some of the world’s most popular cocktails are made using this combination, including the Pina Colada. Looking for a rum that perfectly compliments pineapple juice? Try Captain Morgan Original Rum.


Fruit Punch


Again, sticking to the fruitier mixers, fruit punch works well with the majority of rums out there. You can choose to mix your own fruit punch to your taste or simply buy it pre-mixed from your local supermarket. Rum punch is a great mixer for those looking to take rum back to it’s Caribbean roots. One sip and you’ll be left feeling like your sat on a beach. Looking for a rum that perfectly compliments fruit punch? Try Captain Morgan White.

And there you have it! Our top rum mixers besides coke. Give them a try and let us know your favourite mixer in the comments below.


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