Simple Rum Wash Recipe For New Distillers

If you’re already looking to start making your own rum,  you’ll be aware of the number of complex processes involved. When I first started researching the subject, I spent days reading endless forum topics rife with distillers jargon, struggling to find a simple, easy-to-understand rum wash recipe.

Luckily, if you’re in the same position, you can benefit from my upfront research by following the simple rum wash recipe below. This is one of the most simple molasses and brown sugar recipes available. Once distilled correctly, you will be left with a clean white rum which can then be darkened and flavoured to make a dark or spiced rum.


Simple Rum Wash Ingredients

For the sake of this rum wash,  we’ll provide proportionate measurements of the ingredients based on making 12L of rum wash ready to ferment. Like any other recipe, if you would like to make less or more, simple divide or multiply the ingredients.

  • Black Strap Molasses 740G x 2- This can be purchased from most supermarkets or food stores such as Holland & Barrett.
  • Brown Sugar 2KG – This is just the standard brown sugar that you can purchase from any supermarket.
  • Still Spirits Pure Turbo Yeast – Yeast is fundamental in the rum making process as it consumes the sugar and creates the alcohol. This particular yeast is of the ‘Turbo Yeast’ strain. Essentially, this should provide you with a fast and complete fermentation. There are other types of Yeasts available, however this is one that I would recommend if your new to the hobby.
  • Still Spirits Turbo Clear – This is the clearing agent that will be added to your wash before distillation.
  • Still Spirits Turbo Carbon
  • Water –You’ll need access to warm water during the initial stages of making your rum wash.

*The Still Spirits Turbo Yeast, Turbo Clear and Turbo Carbon can be purchased as a triple pack. The Still Spirits range is great if you’re new to rum making and want to make sure you’re adding the right ingredients to your rum wash. The Still Spirits triple pack can be purchased from Home Brew Online. 

Simple Rum Wash Recipe

Time to Make Your Rum Wash!

And that’s it! They’re all of the ingredients that you need to make a simple rum wash. Now you’ve got all of the ingredients, it’s time to make your rum wash and start the fermentation process. I’ve covered this topic, along with distillation using the same ingredients in my quick start guide here. You can use this simple rum wash recipe and my guide to make a high-quality white, dark or spiced rum in the comfort of your own home.

Good luck and feel free to comment below and let me know how it goes!


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