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Devils Point Rum

Devils Point is the creation of three friends; one bartender, one brewer and one distiller. Merging together, they have set out to bring a new range of rums to the market that features a Scottish cask backbone and Caribbean fermentation techniques.

Barti Ddu Rum

Barti Rum is made up of a blend of the finest Caribbean rum, seasoned with not only the most vibrant notes of vanilla, clove and subtle orange but with hand-picked laver seaweed from right here on the beautiful Pembrokeshire coast.

Neptune Rum

Neptune Rum is distilled and aged at a family-owned Rum Distillery set within a former 17th-century sugar-cane plantation at the southern end of the island of Barbados where the climate produces exceptional Rum.

Hattiers Rum

Fuelled by their passion for a life at sea and the booming premium spirits market, Hattiers Rum embarked on a mission to create a premiem reserve sipping rum to be enjoyed by anyone old enough to drink it.

Burning Barn Rum

Motivated by a fire on our family farm in 2015, we were inspired to forge something positive from the setback, so we created a true craft offering for rum drinkers. The fire taught us never to settle. To always go that extra mile.

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