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Types of Rum: An In-depth Look at the Styles & Variations

Variety of Different Types of Rum

Rum has made a comeback in recent times, especially the high end, premium craft rum that has reached USD 1.06 billion in 2019 and is expected to expand at 5.2% from 2020 to 2027 (source: GrandViewResearch). As craft rum industry is prospering, we are seeing more varieties of rum on the shelves. We no longer have to choose between Bacardi and Captain Morgan. On our local spirits aisle, we can now find a variety of rums: dark, spiced black, white, and rhum agricole.

This choice can be confusing for those who are new to rum drinking. Let’s take a deeper dive and examine the different types of rum that are available.

Donkey Helping to Crush Sugar Cane at Appleton Rum Distillery in Jamaica
Donkey Helping to Crush Sugar Cane at Appleton Rum Distillery in Jamaica (DepositPhotos)

White Rum

This rum is the most popular and will be used in cocktails such as mojitos and daiquiris. White rum is generally not aged. This gives it a light flavor that makes it a great addition to many cocktail recipe. Because there is no flavoring or ageing involved, white rums are usually cheaper to make. The most popular white rums are Appleton White Rum (Bacardi Carta Blanca), Captain Morgan White Rum, Rebellion Blanco Rum, and Captain Morgan White Rum.

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Amber Rum

Amber rum is a darker version of light rum. It is often used in cocktails but has more character and depth than light scotch. For example, it’s more complex than light scotch, and it pairs well with heavier mixers. A slightly aged rum will enhance the flavor of a cocktail. It’s also a good choice for cocktails because it pairs well with other spirits. If you have a taste for a particular rum, it will be easier for you to find the right type for your needs.

Dark Rum

As you might expect, dark rums are darker in color. This darkening effect is caused by their long-term exposure to oak barrels that have been charred. They also take on the richer flavors that are engrained in oak barrels. Some producer of cheaper add caramel to rum to create dark color, however, best rum gets its colour from oak barrel.

Many dark rums have complex flavors that are best enjoyed over ice, or mixed with ginger beer and a slice. Don Papa 10 year old Rum, Gold of Mauritius Darkrum, Wood’s 100 Old Navyrum, Mount Gay Black Barrel and Wood’s 100 Old Navyrum are some of the most popular dark rum brands available.

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Gold Rum

The ageing process is when gold rum acquires most of its colour. It also takes on some of the barrel’s natural flavourings such as vanilla and almond. When a stronger base is needed, gold rums are used in cocktails. You can also enjoy it on the rocks. There are many types of gold Rum available, including Appleton Estate Special Gold and Hampden Gold Rum, Elements 8 Gold Rum, Rum-Bar Gold, Hampden Gold Rum and Hampden Gold Rum.

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Spiced Rum

One of the most sought-after types of rum, spiced rum is a popular choice that has been fueling the rise of craft rum. Spiced Rum is a dark or gold rum that has been flavor over time. In the past, spices and fruits were added to blends of rums to mask any undesirable characteristics. Today spices are added to add nice aroma and taste. Flavored rum is perfect choice for a rum cocktail or baking rum cake.

Although flavourings can vary widely, it is common to find ingredients like peppercorns and vanilla as well as honey, cinnamon, allspice, allspice, and nutmeg. As craft distillers continue to explore new flavours, spiced rum is one of the most interesting categories in spirits. If you are a fan of spiced rum, there are many options. 

The Kraken Black Spiced Rum and Sailor Jerry are some of the most popular spiced rums on the market. Rumbullion, Barti Ddu Spiced, Rumbullion, and Sailor Jerry are also options. You are looking for something different? Try Dark Matter Spiced Rum.

Rhum Agricole

Rhum Agricole may be slightly less common than the ones already mentioned. Rhum Agricole is made from sugarcane juice and not molasses. This is the key difference that makes it different. Rhum agricole has a more grassy taste because it is made from sugarcane juice. This type of Rum originated in the French Caribbean, and has been exported to other countries ever since. There are many brands of Rhum Agricole that are very popular on the market, including Saint James Royal Ambre and Clement Rhum Vieux Agricole as well as Rhum J.M White, Rhum J.M White, and La Mauny 1749 Ambre Rhum Agricole.

River Antoine Rum Distillery, Grenada
River Antoine Rum Distillery, Grenada (YaYImages)

River Antoine Rum Distillery from Grenada is one of the oldest distilleries producing rum since 1785. Distillery is using water powered mills for processing of fresh sugar canes to get sugar cane juice. Their rum is known for fruity notes and huge alcohol content up to 150% proof. So strong, that you may not carry it on plane.


Cachaca Warehouse in Brasil ful of Rum Barrels
Cachaca Warehouse in Brasil (DepositPhotos)

Cachaca, like Rhumb Agricole is also made from sugarcane juice. Cachaca is unique because it can only be produced in Brazil. Brazil is known for its super sweet sugarcane, which gives a rum that has a rich flavour. Cachaca is used in many cocktails, including Sangria Blanco or Brazil’s famous Caipirinha. Cachaca 51 and Leblon Cachaca are popular brands.

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Overproof Rum

You’re looking for something more intense than the standard 40% abv? Overproof rum is a good choice. The majority of rums on UK shelves are 40 to 50% ABV. You’ve probably tried making rum before and you know that the alcohol has been reduced with water to give it a more pleasant taste. However, overproof is not reduced to a low level of ABV. It can be classified as anything high-proof with a range from 50 to 70% ABV. Overproof rums can be used in cocktails, rum punches, and general cooking. These rums are best enjoyed neat.That’s all! This blog post should have shed some light on different types of rum. We appreciate your time and would love to hear from you.

Final Word

If you want to experiment with a few different styles of rum, the best way to do this is to buy some specialized rum from a specialty store. If you cannot find your best rum local, you can also order online. So go ahead – get out there and find yourself some excellent rum!